Video: Caught Me Running (Richie Young)

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Fredericton’s own green-screen-blues-machine Richie Young has a new video out. 

Christmas comes early, or incredibly late depending on how you look at it. Either way, Richie Young has a new video worth checking out. 

Over the span of the pandemic, Young has turned much of his attention towards the production of bold and adventurous music videos to support many of the new songs he releases.  

Over the pandemic I started making music videos,” said Young. “I have created a lot with green screens taking inspiration from many artists including White Stripes, and 80s music videos. It keeps me motivated during the lockdown, but I can’t wait until it is all over so I can create new videos in new locations with some new ideas and songs.”

Young’s video for Caught Me Running does include a short clip shot on stage at the Broken Record Bar and Music Room. But we can’t wait until he can take his gear out to other locations around the city. When Young’s on the mic and the camera, the fun is contagious. 


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