It’s Green Screen in Quarantine for Richie Young

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Richie Young’s self-produced video for Otherside of the Hill combines green screens with new music and a whole lot of stock footage. 

Matt Carter


Fredericton blues musician Richie Young has been making the most of his time in quarantine. Like just about every working musician, Young had to give up a tour and some hometown shows once the current health situation reached a critical point.  

“I’ve been making the most out of this quarantine since my tour and shows have been canceled or postponed,” said Young. “I’ve been learning to adapt to the new situation we are in by making some new videos.”

He’s also been writing and recording some new music.  Thanks to the marvels of the internet and the variety of tools and instruments at his disposal, Young’s been sharing new songs and videos recorded in his quarantine bubble. 

“Otherside of the Hill is a new song I wrote last week,” he said. “I recorded it at home and sent it over to my friend Glen Love to check out. He sent it back with lead guitar and back-up vocals. I’ve been working on other videos, live streams, and writing lots.”

Young has also been doing regular live performances on Facebook from his home whenever he is able. 

“My kids, 1, 6 and 8 years old are huge into music, so finding time to play is never an issue,” said Young. “Getting a clean recording can be tricky sometimes though!”


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