Series: That Time in New Brunswick

#10: That Time a Mother and Daughter Traveled from Moncton to Hollywood by Horse and Wagon.

On July 24, 1959, a 50-something widow from Shediac set off on the journey of a lifetime. Her mission: to meet Walt Disney and share with him a secret she believed would somehow pay for her daughter’s university education. Her means: a wagon pulled by a retired milk horse named Bob. Read the feature.

#9: That Time Robert Frank’s Rolling Stones Documentary Didn’t Come to Fredericton.

This is the story about how Robert Frank’s personal copy of his 1972 unreleased Rolling Stones documentary Cocksucker Blues ended up in a Halifax diner with one of the most important independent rock bands in music history and has absolutely nothing to do with Fredericton. Read the feature.

#8: That Time Six Fredericton Businesses Decided to Take The Law Into Their Own Hands.

In January 1970, six local businesses came together to form a vigilante group. No, this really happened. Read the feature.

#7: That Time Fredericton Art Galleries Came Together in Support of Nudity.

Skin in the Game. When a vaguely worded Parliamentary bill threatened the virtues of artistic merit, four Fredericton art galleries joined a national protest that eventually saw the bill put on ice. Read the feature.

#6: That Time A Bathurst Police Strike Turned Main Street into a Drag Strip.

When 71% of Bathurst’s employees walked off the job in 1979, hundreds took to the streets to party, get naked, and smash the biggest windows they could find. Read the feature. 

#5: That Time a Fredericton Indie Theatre Production of MacBeth Won the Internet.

This week we’re talking about Bard in the Barracks’ 2010-2011 production of the Shakespeare favourite MacBeth and how a filmed version of the show has become one of the most popular on YouTube with a million views and counting. Read the feature.

#4: That time Charles LeBlanc biked 9000 miles just to see if he could do it.

In 1979, popular Fredericton blogger Charles LeBlanc became the first Acadian to bike from Acadia to Louisiana, and then some. Read the feature.

#3: That Time New Brunswick Banned a David Lynch Movie From Theaters.

Following the release of David Lynch’s award-winning film Blue Velvet in the fall of 1986, New Brunswick gained the distinction of becoming the only place in North America to ban the film from theaters. Read the feature. 

#2: That time Alice Cooper scared the pants off Fredericton. 

When legendary shock-rocker Alice Cooper visited Fredericton for the first time, some people reacted like it was the end of the world. But it wasn’t. In fact, it was so much more. One reviewer called the show, “the best entertainment-combination rock history lesson Fredericton will ever see.” Read the feature.

#1: That time Teenage Head Played a Pizzeria in Oromocto, sort of.

Just days after Canadian punk pioneers Teenage Head made rock music history with a riotous performance at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, they set out on their first east coast tour. Their first stop – Luna Pizza in Oromocto, New Brunswick. Read the feature.