Video: Richie Young Shares “World of Thrifting”

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For his latest video, Young dials back on the special effects to channel the warmth and intimacy of a house concert.

Fredericton blues musician Richie Young has always been prolific, releasing albums, singles and EPs at a staggering rate. With the arrival of COVID, Young quickly took to live streams and making his own commercials and videos. His experiments using green screens, though pleasantly over the top at times, serve as a reminder of how productive musicians bursting with creativity are chomping at the bit, in waiting for the all-clear and a return to some state of normalcy.

His latest video, created for the song World of Thrifting, finds Young switching gears by dialing back on the special effects in favour of a simple three camera set-up that harnesses the warmth and intimacy of a house concert.

Note: Some browsers will require you to open the full screen to see the complete video.

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