The Capital Project Officially Launches This Week

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After more than three years of production, Tim Rayne’s web series exploring Fredericton’s music community will make its official launch on May 15.

Matt Carter

After years of following the evolution of The Capital Project through various feature-length cuts, film festival screenings and the recent multi-episode First Albums series, filmmaker Tim Rayne and the crew behind this mammoth project will begin rolling out official episodes this week.

Beginning Wednesday May 15 with the release of the first ten episodes, Rayne can finally see a little light at the end of a long and exhausting tunnel. Over 300 episodes that include performances and interviews will be shared over the next several months, each an important chapter exploring the impact music has on the culture and well-being of the Fredericton community.

“We worked hard,” said Rayne. “This is legitimately as big as it sounds. It’s not like you’re getting everything [we filmed]. It’s just that there is that much to give.”

Following this week’s launch that will include new releases on Wednesday and Friday, Rayne will be releasing new episodes each week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

“I’ve learned so much about the music scene and the music community,” said Rayne. “A lot of voices I discovered in the making of the project. I have an openness to my own creativity to allow myself the room for things to change or evolve naturally. I think there are still many stories to be told that I didn’t get to. That’s a fact. The history is very rich. I wouldn’t call this project the definite work of our scene. I think it’s still an introductory showcase of what is out there.”

To stay current with each new episode, subscribe and follow The Capital Project’s YouTube channel and watch for weekly recaps on Grid City Magazine each Friday beginning next week.

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