Re-Cap: The Capital Project celebrate local support with special hometown screening

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Filmmakers Tim Rayne and Arthur Thomson debuted their documentary ‘The Capital Project’ to a packed house on April 20.

Cheryl McIntire

Filmmakers Tim Rayne and Arthur Thomson treated Fredericton audiences to a special hometown edit of their upcoming documentary series, The Capital Project. Described by Rayne as “a trailer to the web series”, last Friday night’s screening was a celebration of Fredericton’s most popular live music venue and its past, present and future performers.  Much of the 1.5 hour film was accompanied by cheers and applause from the audience who later gave a standing ovation as the credits rolled.

“It was exciting to be able to share the film after a year of production,” said Thomson. “We want to thank the community for the support of the project and we sincerely appreciate everyone who came out to the screening.”

Using The Capital Complex as a focal point for their story, the film explored the role live music plays in uniting communities and inspiring creativity in audiences of all ages. Using interviews with performers and educators throughout the city as well as an impressive array of live footage, Rayne and Thomson made a pretty strong case for supporting the important role music plays in our education system and our local economy.

“We were thrilled at the response The Capital Project received last Friday night at The Playhouse,” said Rayne. “It was somewhat of a test screening so the positive reception was encouraging in that we are going in the right direction with the series to be released this fall.”

For more than a year now, Rayne and Thomson have been conducting interviews and capturing live performances with a diverse range of musicians, music lovers, and scene supporters, threading together a narrative that will be explored in greater details when the project is officially released this fall as a feature film and web series.

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