Big News for New Brunswick Film

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Raynemaker Productions awarded funding through Telefim Canada’s Micro Budget Production Program.

Arthur Thomson and Tim Rayne. Photo: Natalie Rayne
Arthur Thomson and Tim Rayne. Photo: Nathalie Rayne

It’s a big day for New Brunswick’s Raynemaker Productions. After first receiving word that their proposal was shortlisted among hundreds of submissions earlier this year, Telefilm Canada has announced the Fredericton based film company will receive funding in support of a new film project produced in partnership with the NB Film Co-op, with a heavy focus on New Brunswick music.

“This is a community project,” said writer/director Tim Rayne, “and it’s really a celebration of the music and filmmaking scene here. It’s going to be a big group effort with a lot of collaborators and I’m really looking forward to getting started.”

Originally titled Why Good People Do Bad Things, Rayne revealed that the film’s new working title is The Capital, a nod to both the project’s could-happen-anywhere method of storytelling and the popular Fredericton music venue that will serve as the location for much of the shooting.

“We plan to shoot this project in November and December,” said Rayne.  “That’s the earliest we could fit this into our schedule.”

The film project will be released through Grid City Magazine as a series of short episodes and a vinyl release of the full soundtrack is planned.

Raynemaker Productions co-owner Arthur Thomson will act as the project’s producer.

Watch for more on this story in the coming weeks.


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