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Waylon Napadogan shares the second single off his upcoming EP release.

Matt Carter

You know, it’s a real shame Maritime Countryfest is no more because at this very moment there are few things I’d like more in this world than to see Waylon Napadogan up there on the big stage opening for Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson or some other mullet riding 90’s New Country sensation. Just imagine a huge outdoor audience singing along to Sick Lettuce or his latest single, Frig Off Bud

Frig Off Bud, the second single from Napadogan’s upcoming EP release, is probably his oldest song, yet no less rich in meaning than his most recent compositions. 

“I wrote this song when I was seven years old, as a means of protection,” he said. “I used to get bullied at school. I went to my teacher to get justice and she said, ‘I got a lot of kids to look after, and I’m gonna need you to stop being a little fuckin’ cry baby tattle tale about this.’ It was the 90’s, different times. Anyway, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went home and compiled all my favourite insults and I made a song. The next day I brought my guitar to school, found that bully, and roasted his ass right there on the playground. Then I went inside and I roasted that teacher’s ass too. I never returned to school and never received my grade three diploma. I’d like to stress the danger of this song, and that it should only be used in self-defence.”

That, right there, tops any song you’ll ever about a dead dog or a pickup that won’t start. Perhaps Napadogan is the new new country. Could we be so lucky?

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