Video: Sick Lettuce (Waylon Napadogan)

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Waylon Napadogan shares the inspirational single ‘Sick Lettuce’ off his upcoming EP release.

As you sit wrapped in a blanket under three layers of clothes trying to stay warm as your apartment’s limited supply of heat escapes through your poorly insulated windows and doors, it’s important to ask yourself, ‘what would Waylon do?’. 

When New Brunswick country musician Waylon Napadogan faces life’s challenges, he looks for the good in every bad situation to help get him through. Lucky for him, he’s got sick lettuce. 

“We’ve all had hard times in our life, when it seems like things couldn’t be any worse. I think that’s something we can all relate to,” said Napadogan, speaking from his snow covered farm in the north-western part of the province. “This song is about finding the positive in a bad situation, being grateful for what you have. In my case that just happens to be an excellent head of lettuce.”

Watch for Napadogan’s five song EP arriving this spring. 


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