Capital Art Sale 2024

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The spring edition of Fredericton’s largest bi-annual art sale runs May 9-12 at the Capital Exhibit Centre.

Matt Carter 

The Capital Art Sale has become an important date on the calendar for new, emerging, and established artists from throughout the Capital Region. Founded in 2017, this bi-annual event has grown with each new addition attracting an ever increasing range of artists and collectors. 

When we first began in 2017, we started with 19 participating artists, and this spring we will be showcasing the works of over 100 local artists,” said co-founder Laura Forrester. “It’s truly amazing to see how much our event has grown. We have artists who have been with us since our inaugural sale, and we also warmly welcome those who are joining us for the very first time.”

The sale began as a way to support local artists and to show the broader community that owning an original piece of art is an achievable goal for any budget. Past events have included hundreds of pieces with prices ranging from as high as $500 to $100 or less. 

“Our mission is to create an accessible and non-intimidating environment for both artists and art enthusiasts,” said Forrester. “We believe that art should be inclusive and welcoming. By removing barriers and fostering a supportive atmosphere, we aim to make exhibiting, selling and buying art more accessible to both the artist creating it and the collector seeking to bring it home.”

For collectors and the art owning curious alike, the Capital Art Sale is a treasure trove of new original works.   

What sets the Capital Art Sale apart is its completely unique approach to showcasing art. All artworks are hung together, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for visitors. For avid art collectors or those just starting their collecting art journey, the Capital Art Sale offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore a diverse range of artworks in a single space.

“We want collectors to have the chance to discover someone new, to find that perfect piece that speaks to them in a profound way,” said Forrester. “Equally important, we want emerging artists to be given the opportunity to connect with collectors, to showcase their talent and vision to a wider audience.”

To take this goal even further, organizers of the upcoming 13th Capital Art Sale will be sponsoring showcasing artist fees for ten student artists to showcase their work alongside many established visual artists.  

At the heart of the Capital Art Sale is our commitment to celebrating the diversity of art and artists in our community,” said Forrester. “We take pride in providing a platform where established artists and emerging talents can come together to share their unique perspectives and creations.”

Capital Art Sale | May 9-12 | Capital Exhibit Centre | View Event

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