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‘Visit’ is the latest track by NB electronic music duo Bleum and their first release for streaming services. 

Bleum, the electronic music duo of musicians Brittany McQuinn and Daniel James, made their public debut in March 2018 with the release of their single, Lose You, and shortly after that, they made their live debut with a performance at Flourish. A couple of months later they followed up their first single with the release of Everything and have kept a busy performance schedule every since. 

Last week Bleum offered up Visit, their third single of the year and their first made available through streaming services. 

“I first heard the song in my head waiting for the band to arrive to my house for practice,” said vocalist Brittany McQuinn. “I was so excited about it, it just felt like the positive and healing song I had been waiting for write for a while. I don’t think it was long before I sent Daniel the vocal and midi tracks. The song sat for a while in our Dropbox then one day I got a link to it while I was gardening. When I heard it back I got a little emotional.

“We talk a lot in our culture about how to deal with other humans when they hurt you,” she said. “Sometimes you really do have to leave people fully in your past, but other times people grow, and you grow, and there can be forgiveness and a restored relationship. Sometimes I feel like that is one of the best things to happens between humans, it just says that love is more important than anything and that you’re worth the work to love.”

Visit is available now on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.

Upcoming Performances:

Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival’s Fredericton’s Own Stage | Sept. 14 | 8:15 pm | 
Festival (506) | Electronic Stage | October 26


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