Listen to ‘Everything’, the second single from Bleum

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Brittany McQuinn and producer Daniel James have just shared the latest track from their new collaborative electro-pop project. 

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Bleum made a strong introduction back in March with the release of their debut single Lose You.   Today, just a few months later, the New Brunswick electro-pop duo of vocalist Brittany McQuinn and producer Daniel James have offered up another single, one that takes a look at our richest emotions and the many triggers that coax them out of hiding.

Everything is a song about human connection,” said McQuinn. “It’s about sharing an overwhelmingly emotional moment, both happy and sad, with someone you love.”

Since making their live debut during this year’s Flourish Festival, Bleum have been added to a few summer festival lineups and have announced upcoming shows in Moncton and Fredericton.

Having already shared the stage with guitar driven acts like Janowskii, Construction & Deconstruction, and The Tortoise The Hare & The Millionaire, McQuinn says they have received nothing but support from audiences including some who might not have expected to find an electronic duo on an otherwise rock-heavy lineup. 

Our mindset is that we do whatever is best for the music. Cultivating creative freedom within Bleum is our only rule.

“We are super excited about what’s happening for Bleum this summer,” said McQuinn. “After we played Flourish Festival in Fredericton, we got slots at FollyFest and Evolve. We could’ve only dreamed of playing festival shows here in New Brunswick this soon after launching. The local music community has really embraced us with wide open arms and it’s been heartwarming. We already loved making electronic music for ourselves, and now knowing other people are as into it as us takes that creative satisfaction to the next level.

“We honestly can’t wait to play these festivals and other east coast shows coming up,” she said. “Bleum is taking us on a journey and we’re so happy people are jumping in for the ride.”

McQuinn says she and James have enough material in the works to fill a couple of EPs or possibly an album sometime in the near future. This means there’s a chance we may get a full collection of Bleum music before the end of the year.

“We have lots of music in the works,” she said. “Our mindset is that we do whatever is best for the music. Cultivating creative freedom within Bleum is our only rule.”

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Upcoming Performances:

June 2 | Capital Complex | Fredericton, NB w/ David In The Dark and Hillsburn
June 16 | Tide and Boar | Moncton, NB w/ Neon Dreams
June 22-24 | Follyfest | Gagetown, NB 
July 6-9 | Evolve Festival | Moncton, NB
July 21 | Capital Complex | Fredericton, NB w/ Calm Baretta and The Brood
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