Letter to the Editor: Young Satan in Love a “heresy machine”?

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Local fanatic reacts to new music from YSIL.

Zebediah Ben-Shofkha – The People’s Ecumenical Nation for the Interruption of Satan. (file photo)

To the Staff of The Web-Magazine Grid City,

It has come to my attention that you have recently hyperlinked the song “Boom Boom” by rock and roll band and heresy machine Young Satan in Love. While it cannot be disputed that the sounds of Young Satan in Love are appealing and that Boom Boom in particular has no shortage of groove and/or drive, it is important to remember
that under these seemingly honey-tongued sounds lies an endless pit of degradation, defamation and indeed deception that has become the brand of the Young Satan and his band of cronies.

YS’ appeal to impressionable youths endorsing “Wining” on Boom Booms is in reference to the highly sexualized dance craze of “wining”. I hesitate to link examples for fear that the good people of Fredericton may “wine” their way to Gomorrah. In addition, “Yung S’teezy” speaks fondly of having “had quite a few”, which is highly coded
speak for the consumption of ALCOHOL, that lubricant of sin, that libation of defamation, that nectar of the specter of our own weakness in consuming that juice from the Tree of the Garden itself.

I balk at explaining the practice of “Biting if it Feels Right”, which while also being a clear reference to serpent’s urge to partake of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil evokes acts too salacious to comprehend, much less to mention.

In addition, my voice and likeness has been recorded and used out of context to somehow imply that I, and my organization, the People’s Ecumenical Nation for the Interruption of Satan, am somehow associated with this misguided band of lost souls. I assure you my only association is in opposition, and my proposition is that you
silence their fell position before our lovely town makes a basal transition to that Pub Down Under we have worked so hard to avoid on the path of righteousness.

For more information on my organization, the People’s Ecumenical Nation for the Interruption of Satan, please refer your internet web browser here.

For more information on the corruptive influence of rock and roll music, I refer you to the PMRC’s devastating takedown of Mr. Frank Zappa in 1987.


Zebediah Ben-Shofkha,

The People’s Ecumenical Nation for the Interruption of Satan

Read the original post –  Young Satan in Love S02E01 .  Out of respect for Zebediah, we will not re-embed the post.


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