Video: “What Happened” (Levi Rowan)

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NB hip hop artist shares second single (and first video) from upcoming album.


2017 has been a pretty good year for Levi Rowan. His year began with the release of his impressive debut EP, Nude Beach. The project would later lead to Rowan being featured in The Capital Series documentary as well as helping earn him a spot at the film’s November 2 wrap-up concert event.

Now, just a few weeks before the year is out, Rowan has released a video for the track What Happened, the second single to surface from his upcoming album due out in early 2018.

“The amazing Andrew Finley shot this with notes from Matt Shields and direction about concept from myself,” said Rowan. “It was a very collaborative video but I let Andrew take complete control over the angles and whatnot.”

The video follows the song’s theme of post-breakup temptation and features Rowan and actress/model Ashley Dearing.

“The idea of this video is to portray the after effects of a breakup,” he said. “Hollywood usually wants people to hear about longing for someone and being heartbroken but the reality is not always that. Sometimes after a breakup you just want to indulge in the darkness with things like substances and meaningless encounters. This video however is not condoning these things but showing how that can put you into a downward spiral.”

The track, produced by Daniel James, also features backing vocals by Rowan’s longtime friend Lacey Conard.

“I’ve been friends with her since I was a kid and her voice is simply amazing,” said Rowan. “I remember hearing it for the first time when we were just messing around in the studio with Daniel and I was blown away. Lacey is also the best makeup artist I’ve ever seen and the go to person for anything artistic I want to achieve.

“I’m also very excited because this is my first professionally done video and I find it visually stimulating,” he said. “I want to again thank Daniel for being the lead producer on this album. I couldn’t ask for a better music partner and I can’t wait for people to hear what we have coming.”


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