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A collection of photos from The Capital Project’s big concert event that took place November 2 in Fredericton. 

Raynemaker Production’s crossed a major milestone last week. After many months of filming for the upcoming documentary and web series, The Capital Project, the company are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and celebrated with a major concert event at the Boyce Farmer’s Market in Fredericton on November 2.

The concert also marked the kickoff for the 17th annual Silver Wave Film Festival and included performances by Kill Chicago, Weak Size Fish, Little You – Little Me, Motherhood, The Waking Night, First Words, Monark, Deeb Dread, NFP, Crossroad Devils, Janowskii, The Hypochondriacs, Beaatz and Levi Rowan.  The evening blended live performances with teasers from the film and was recorded for inclusion in the final cut.

The audiences was encouraged to film things from their perspective as well, inspired by the Beastie Boys concert film, Awesome, I Fuckin’ Shot That!  Needless to say, there were cameras everywhere. 

Here are a few of the shots we managed to get during the 5 hour show. 


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