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Check out the latest track from Jaguar Knight. ‘Smoky Eye’ is the first single off the upcoming album Unknown Futures, due out January 13.

2018 is in like a lion with a steady stream of new music arriving from all corners of the province. So let’s turn our attention to Saint John (via Gaspereau Falls) for the latest from Jaguar Knight.

Smoky Eye is the first single off the Jaguar Knight’s new album, Unknown Futures.

Filmed in Saint John on a bargain-bin camcorder, the video follow’s JK’s Phil Clark and his Dye Pack bandmate Vanessa Graves on their quest for fun.

“The video depicts the true story of a typical weekend in our hometown when nothing fun was happening, no shows, no events, nothing cool at all,” said Clark. “Pretty bad when you can’t even go to Fabricville. So we’d set up our own events and awesome parties. No one would come, but we didn’t really care that much. It’s about how you get used to making your own fun in the Maritimes.”

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The video is a bit of a departure from others Clark has created for his various projects (see Dye Pack’s (My Kind of) Pipes and Shrimp Ring’s Human Brain Freezer). Opting to forgo the use of elaborate special effects, Smoky Eye is in some ways a throwback to the 1980s when videos tried desperately to carry a song’s narrative or to create a story line where there really wasn’t much of a story at all. That said, the story that plays out in Smoky Eye is a highly relatable Maritime reality. 

“As a VJ, I do a lot of trippy weird visuals, but I wanted to try making a video that tells a simple story with no special effects whatsoever,” said Clark. “Smoky Eye was shot on an ancient VHS camcorder we found that day at Value Village.”

Unknown Futures will be released January 13, 2018 via Bandcamp with an album release show that evening at Pepper’s Pub in Saint John.

Jaguar Knight + Juniper + Paranerd | January 13 | Pepper’s Pub – Saint John | 10 p.m. | $7 | View Event



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