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Listen to the latest track from Jaguar Knight and read about the gear used to create, ‘Jaguar Future Party’.


In advance of his set as part of this weekend’s upcoming dance party at The Capital Complex featuring Halifax-based electro-pop outfit, Loveland, who just dropped a brand new EP (check it), Phil Clark (aka Jaguar Knight) shares a new track and breaks down the impressive list of gadgets he used to put it all together.

Included on this list are a Yamaha Drum Machine, a “piece of junk” 80s synth (“It’s like having a horrible growth on your body. I hate it, but it’s part of me now.”), a Boss Hyper-Metal pedal (“I would never put one of these anywhere near a guitar.”) and an XOXBOX, a Roland synth clone held together with masking tape.

“Some crazy dudes went and reverse-engineered a Roland TB-303,” said Clark in reference to the obscure bassline synth/sequencer he used on the track. “They found all the same transistors and resistors and whatnot and it just sounds awesome. I would take my XOXBOX with me to a desert island. Even if there were no electricity. I would just lie on the sand and stare at it.”

Read the full description of gear on his blog PartySauce and listen to the track below.

Loveland + Jaguar Knight + Property// + ChillTeens | Saturday February 18, 2017 | The Capital Complex | 9 p.m. | $5 before 10 p.m. and $8 after (so get there early). | View Event

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