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Moncton music fans team up for new radio show and podcast.


Quoi-ce qui t’écoutes? Avec Remi pis Shawn is a new radio program on Moncton’s CKUM that mixes the world of heavy music with a touch of local. Hosted by Remi Vienneau LeClair and Shawn Beatty, the program is now nine episodes deep, each a solid two-hour eclectic mix of music.

“I used to host a radio show back in 2004-2006 called Spectrum Obscur(e) that followed a similar format, highlighting new music that I was into as well as spotlighting the local scene,” said LeClair. “At the time, being younger and having less life responsibilities, I went to everyone show I could and was generally out three to five nights a week. The Moncton scene was pretty vibrant at the time, especially when I started the show, so that made it easy.”

“Now married, a home owner, a business manager, and a father, I don’t quite have the time like I used to to go out,” he said, “but this does give me an excuse to keep up with what’s going on locally as well as feeding my addiction of finding new, exciting music to listen to.”

Each week, LeClair and Beatty play a mix of punk rock, hard rock, stoner rock, metal, alt-country, indie rock, noise rock and more from that sonic direction. The program airs on Sundays from 8-10 p.m. on CKUM 93.5 FM.

“I tend to like things done with bass/drums/guitar and shy away from electronics and beats,” said LeClair, “so the show does tend to veer more towards that, and a bit on the harder side of things.”

LeClair’s return to the DJ booth may in part be inspired by his closeted frustration with nay-sayers who refuse to see just how much is happening in their own backyards. Through his show, he hopes to change a few opinions.

“I really hate hearing people say ‘there’s no good new music’,” he said. “I may not be up to date on all the trends and popular bands, but I don’t care what you like, there’s a ton of new stuff coming out all the time in every style that is amazing if you put the time into finding it. So if you like heavier music, with an open mind for progressive rock, americana, punk rock, and generally music that I consider a little more thought out, you might find something to like in the music we play. Trying to stay with the last 12 months keeps it fresh and constantly moving forward.”

Check out a recent episode:

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