Listen to “Swimming”, the latest single from Pallmer

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Chamber Pop duo Pallmer have shared another new single from their forthcoming debut album. Listen to Swimming and add it to your playlist.

Matt Carter 

Pallmer’s latest single follows a familiar path of auditory repose and visual tranquility, one well worn and repeatedly perfected by the Fredericton based duo of Emily Kennedy and Mark Kleyn. Recorded with JUNO Award-winning producer Joshua Van Tassel with an accompanying video shot by Kennedy during a recent artist residency in Reykjavik, Iceland, Swimming is the title track from the duo’s forthcoming album due out in February of next year.  

“Swimming was written in the thick of February while I was struggling with pretty severe burnout,” said Pallmer singer/cellist Emily Kennedy. “I was trying to understand my physical experience while also being infatuated with escapism, romanticizing memories of summer during times that felt light. I also felt a lot of denial, not wanting to accept that I was struggling, that my body was telling me to stop.” 

Kennedy describes Swimming as a song about the push and pull that exists between planning for the future and accepting one’s present state. 

“Going swimming is such a release for me. I always feel better after being immersed in water,” she said. “But it also holds a metaphorical flip side that can sometimes make it feel as though you’re swimming through time.” 


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