The View Finders Photography Exhibition

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NBCCD’s annual photography exhibition opens May 2 at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre

Eleven second-year photography/videography students  emerge from the walls of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design to exhibit new work as  part of v at the Charlotte Street Art Centre on May 2,  2024. 

Calvin Aranas, Connor Beers, Curtis Brewster, Alex Bustard, Andressa Cutini, Or David, Bella  Doherty, Germán García, Fabián Otero, Cori Swan, and Eryn Trevors are the names behind the  works, featuring individual perspectives through a variety of photographic media on display in the Charlotte Glencross Gallery and Penny Gallery at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.  

The title of the exhibition is a play on the word viewfinder, a small window on every camera that  helps a photographer compose their view, their perspective, and ideas. The theme of this  exhibition is the unique point of view that each photographer has developed and continues to  explore. 

Some techniques in this exhibition date back to the invention of photography in the mid-1800s,  while others use modern technology. Throughout the year, photographers could be seen on  campus and in other parts of our great country, and province, using a variety of cameras: large  format (4”x5” sheet film), medium format (120 roll film), 35mm, digital cameras, and Polaroid. In  this exhibition they’re exploring nature photography, landscapes, New Brunswick, still-life, fine art  portraits, fashion, and more to tell stories as complex as life itself. 

When they started their journey together in the fall of 2022, four of the eleven students arrived  from Colombia, Philippines, Brazil, and Mexico, bringing unique experiences and perspectives.  Two years later, many have had work published, created thematic series, explored techniques,  been guest speakers at Photo Fredericton, been in group exhibitions, and many have created solo  exhibitions at NBCCD. Now, they’re ready to meet the public. 

“This is an extraordinary group of visual creators” said photography instructor, Karen Ruet.  

“What they have been able to accomplish during the past two years at the college is remarkable.  They love film and alternative processes and they’re fearless creators, keen to experiment and innovate. I’m so proud that they are emerging artists now, each with their own voice and  distinctive style. The students helped each other get to where they are now. They are an  incredible, generous, and supportive group of individuals. I can’t wait to share the power of their  work with Fredericton.” 

The View Finders Photography Exhibition opens on May 2, 2024, from 4:30 to 6 pm and runs until  June 17. The exhibition is free and open to everyone.  

The Charlotte Street Arts Centre is located at 732 Charlotte Street in beautiful downtown  Fredericton and is open Monday to Friday from 9 am – 8 pm and Saturdays from 10 am – 5pm. 

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