Young Satan In Love share ‘Viral Sensation’

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Say what you want about Young Satan In Love, but there’s no denying the band’s ability to write a catchy tune.

Matt Carter

Young Satan In Love have been dividing audiences for years with their unpredictable live performances, scripted skits and general shenanigans. As part of the group’s ongoing mission to tear down the fourth wall, the band have developed an ‘anything goes’ reputation that influences their live performances as much as it does their studio recordings.  

Whether you’re dodging flying hotdogs and streamer cannons at live shows or trying to piece together some type of narrative that may help make sense of it all, Young Satan In Love never cease to entertain.  The group simply defy description and categorization. We should all be so lucky.

Have a listen to group’s latest tongue-in-cheek single ‘Viral Sensation’ and plan to experience the wonder that is Young Satan In Love when they perform this weekend at the CHSR BBQ, Saturday April 21 at the Picaroons’ Roundhouse as part of Flourish Festival’s 2018 programming. Full details below.

CHSR BBQ with Young Satan In Love + Van London + Patrick Allaby (slideshow) and Chillteens | April 21 | Picaroons’ Roundhouse | 12 – 4 p.m. | Free and all-ages 


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