Young Satan in Love release ‘Go To Hell’

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Note: In the early hours of August 7, 2018, we received a cryptic message from Zebadya Ben-Shofka, head of the Peoples’ Ecumenical Nation for the Interruption of Satan. He demanded to speak about the new album by Young Satan in Love. How could we say no? 

Go to Hell by Young Satan in Love
1 out of 5  Stars

As an educated reader of Grid City, you are no doubt familiar with the concept of synesthesia – where one sensory experience, if executed “right”, evokes another.  Well, congratulations, Young Satan in Love, you have achieved perfection of the form.  With Go to Hell, what is ostensibly an auditory experience quickly becomes olfactory – and not vaguely so, no.  Not vague whatsoever, is the whiff of rotten eggs emanating from this wallpaper peeler of a record.  It is bewildering to me that my own contributions here failed utterly to inspire the rest of the band’s concern for listeners’ ears and noses.  Instead Young Satan in Love murders every emerging popular musical trend with rank prejudice.

Who is the target audience here? The goddamned 15 year old punks on bicycles playing chicken with me on the trail system, dreaming of being just like Young Satan when they don’t grow up?  Well, rejoice, little farceholes, your soundtrack arriveth: superficially upbeat songs about going to hell – or are they about bringing hell here? It’s hard to tell. Oh, but the smell…This album is a stinker for the ages, some “bleu nuit” cheese with pretensions of maturity but really it’s just been rotting in the back of a cupboard for 13.2 billion years.

I give this album 1 out of 5 stars, and it wouldn’t even merit this if it weren’t for my own contributions, which are really 5 star.  But then, there’s another 4 of them. So let’s make a deal: I will share in the blame if you don’t. For the sake of P.E.N.I.S. and all else you hold dear, don’t find out the hard way.  Keep your hands off the merchandise. And if you can’t stop up your ears, at least plug your nose.

Zebadya Ben-Shofka
Peoples’ Ecumenical Nation for the Interruption of Satan

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