This Year’s Silver Wave Award Winners

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Cabby, Glitter & My Husband’s Jump among the many Fredericton films recognized at this year’s Silver Wave Awards.

No edition of the Silver Wave Film Festival would be complete without honouring the many talented filmmakers who participated in this year’s event. This year’s Silver Wave Awards were handed out November 4 at Le Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne. 

Cabby, Glitter and My Husband’s Jump each took home multiple awards this year alongside several emerging New Brunswick filmmakers. Here’s a rundown of who won what:

Best Youth Short: Relic by Spencer Hetherington

Best Youth Short: Relic by Spencer Hetherington

Director/Writer/Producer: Spencer Hetherington/Length: 5:00/Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, 2016. 
A girl digs up a mysterious relic that takes her to another dimension where a creature is lurking.

Best Student Short: Apotamkin by Carr Sappier

Director/Writer: Carly “Carr” Sappier/Producer: Eveleen Kozak/Cast: Ciara John, Riaan Smit/Length: 9:01/Tobique First Nation, 2017.
Inspired by stories heard from the Wolastoqiyik elders in Tobique First Nation. Step inside of this world of song and dance as it is influenced by the sea monster (Apotamkin) who captures those who disrespect the waters.

Excellence in Music Composition: Christian David Bérubé for My Husband’s Jump

Director: R. W. Gray/Writer: Brittany Lauton/Producer: R. W. Gray, Jon Dewar, Matt Rogers

Excellence in Art Direction: Michelle Rogers and Arianna Martinez for My Husband’s Jump

Excellence in Cinematography: Matt Rogers for My Husband’s Jump

Director: R. W. Gray/Writer: Brittany Lauton/Producer: R. W. Gray, Jon Dewar, Matt Rogers/Cast: Bonnie Piesse, Alex Rioux, Alexa Higgins, Ian Goff, John Ball/Length: 12:00/Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, 2017
An Olympic ski jumper watches her husband jump, but most peculiarly, this time he does not come down. What unfolds is a storm of people turning to her for answers, seeking to understand the impossible.

Excellence in Sound Design: Bruce LeGrow and Gregg O’Donnell for Why Good People Do Bad Things     

Director/Writer: Tim Rayne/Producer: Arthur Thomson/Cast: Ryan Griffith, Jason Roy, Wally MacKinnon, Jack LeBlanc, Liam MacKinnon/Length: 19:30/Fredericton, NB, Canada, 2017.
Two estranged brothers are left a family cottage after the death of their father. Contemporary neo noir western that takes aim at some of the province’s complex issues regarding regional and personal identity politics.

Excellence in Picture Editing: Matt Carr for Glitter

Lex Gigeroff Excellence in Screenwriting Award for a NB short Drama OR Comedy: Tracey Lavigne for Glitter

Best NB Short Drama: Glitter by Tracey Lavigne

Director/Writer: Tracey Lavigne/Producer: Annick Blizzard, Jon Blizzard/Cast: Hannah Duijnstee, Alex Fullerton, Libby Boudreau, Laura-Beth Bird, Clarissa Hurley/Length: 13:00/Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, 2017.
Tara knows this much is true: She and her best friend are total social pariahs. Prom is totally bogus. And the new girl at school is totally… totally

Glitter: Director/Writer: Tracey Lavigne/Producer: Annick Blizzard, Jon Blizzard

Best Animated Short: Him by Lorna Kirk

Director/Writer: Lorna Kirk/Producer: National Film Board of Canada/Length: 2:00/West Jeddore, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2016.
Hand-drawn charcoal drawings movingly depict the loneliness and bewilderment of a child seeking safety in a war zone, exploring the powerlessness of the refugee experience.

Best Low Budget Documentary:  City On Fire by Lauchlan Ough

Director: Lauchlan Ough/Writer: Kate Wallace/Producer: Stephen Foster, Megan Thelosen Starring James Mullinger/Length: 45:04/Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, 2016
British comedian, James Mullinger, had it all when he was living in London, England; he was the comedy editor of GQ magazine, had his own TV show and a successful career in stand up, but the man who had it all wanted a better life for his family and moved across the pond to his wife’s hometown of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. James thought his stand up career was over, but was surprised to find an untapped market on the fringe of Canada’s comedy scene. Over the course of 2 years, James rebuilt his career and discovered that, despite what some Saint Johners might say, anything is possible in his new hometown. City On Fire follows James as he prepares for the biggest and most challenging gig of his life, selling out his first arena show in his hometown that the likes of Jerry Seinfeld had trouble doing. The film explores Saint John, the motivation behind James’ comedy, what makes Saint John tick, and culminates with James’ first ever arena show. Can James fill 5,000 seats or is his mantra of “anything is possible” a load of bollocks?

Best Horror/SciFi Short: Cabby by Jon Blizzard

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Drama OR Comedy: Clayton Boone for Cabby

Director/Writer: Jon Blizzard/Producer: Annick Blizzard, Jon Blizzard/Cast: Clayton Boone, Chris Gairns, John David Thornton, Annick Blizzard/Length: 15:00/Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, 2017
After a traumatic experience, a spineless taxi driver spends the evening with a mysterious passenger who is determined to awaken his true potential.

Director/Writer: Jon Blizzard/Producer: Annick Blizzard, Jon Blizzard

Best Canadian OR International Short: Four Eyes by Michael Clowater

Director/Writer: Michael Clowater/Producer: Jessica Miller/Cast: Sprague Graydon, Mylo Gosch, Elisha Henig, Parker Ledterman/15:00/Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2017
Life is a fight, but what if you’re shit at fighting?

Best Documentary: Zachary Richard, Cajun Heart by Phil Comeau

Zachary Richard, Cajun Heart – French and English with English Subtitles 
Director/Writer: Phil Comeau/Producer: Jean-Claude Bellefeuille/Length: 80:00/Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, 2016
Louisiana singer Zachary Richard is on a quest to understand why Acadians and Cajuns are a resilient people and understand the relevance of Acadian identity today. He traces the journey of his Acadian heritage in Canada to discover the trials and tribulations of his ancestors, the Richard and Boudreaux families.4 awards, including the Audience Award and Best Feature (FICFA, Moncton), Grand Prize Director’s Choice (Lafayette, Louisiana) and the Award of Merit (San Diego, California). – New Brunswick’s first film to be presented at the UNITED NATIONS in Geneva.

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Drama OR Comedy: Maggie Vaughan for Side Of The Road

Director/Writer: Nancy Lynch/Producer: Gary Belding/Cast: Chris Gairns, Maggie Vaughan, Christina Lovegrove Thomson, Dale Strickland, Larisa Tamjidi/Length: 9:30/Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, 2017
Could a chance encounter between two unlikely strangers change the course of their lives?

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a supporting role in a Drama OR Comedy by a New Brunswicker: Tracey Brown for Headline Heroes

Director: Robert Parsons, Danny Thebeau/Writer/Producer: Robert Parsons/Cast: Andrea Cyr, Sheldon Garland, Robbie Burns, Gary Stackhouse/Length: 15:00/Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada, 2017 
With the importance of America in our world and the current state of affairs; it’s important to remember the past, and lessons learned, or we may be in jeopardy of making them all over.

Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a supporting role in a Drama OR Comedy: Ryan Barton for Coached

Director: Gordan Mihan/Writer: Gordon Mihan, Thomas Wilson/Producer: Lance Blakney, Arianna Martinez, Gordon Mihan/Cast: Gordon Mihan, Thomas Wilson, Sam Wilson, Natasha Tobias-Cliche/Length: 12:00/Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, 2017
A snapshot of a youth hockey team’s early morning practice and the two coaches who may or may not want to be there.

Salute to a Woman working in Film in New Brunswick: Nancy Lynch

East Coast Camera Rental Award ($5000.00 value): Tracey Lavigne

2017 Jane LeBlanc Filmmaker Award: Kaitlyn Adair for “March 2.4”

Brian Carty Volunteer Recognition Award Winner: Jillian Acreman

Professional Film Recognition Award: Nick Wilson (Nick Wilson Videography/East Coast Camera Rental)

2017 CBC/NB Joy Award Winner: Jillian Acreman for Queen of the Andes

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