This is Where We Work (Episode 2: Hard Charger)

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This is Where We Work is a series documenting Fredericton bands and musicians in their rehearsal spaces, uncut and unedited.

Hard Charger
The mighty Hard Charger have been ragging full-on since 2006.

“…Hard Charger is a relentless hammering of frenzied drums, crackling guitars and guttural vocals that borders on an attack equivalent to Death Breath or Blood Duster. Gutsy andconfrontational without seeming bone-headed, there’s a sinister auraabout Hard Charger.” – Exclaim

This summer, the band will be heading out on their first full-blown tour of the USA with stops in Western Canada along the way. We’ll post full tour dates when they’re available.

Watch Hard Charger rip through a four song set:

1-Coffin Maker 2- Snow Axe 3- Only the Grave 4- Inebriation of the Wicked

Big thanks to Mike Erb for additional footage.

Hard Charger: Facebook | WordPress | Bandcamp | No List Records
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