Winter Warmer is Back!

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Picaroons Launch Seasonal Brew with a Public Reception November 5, 2014

10387239_10154768013420191_192687948360972974_nBeer drinkers rejoice!  With the end-of-summer blues in full swing and many of us only now coming to terms with the chilly fall weather, Picaroons are here to help make it all better with the upcoming release of their annual cold weather remedy – Winter Warmer.

“We usually start to get inquiries as soon as the evenings start to get a bit nippy,” said Sean Dunbar, owner of Picaroons Traditional Ales.   “I’ve been bringing it out on November 1st for a few years now.    I used to wait until it actually snowed but we had some years when it only snowed in mid – December and folks were getting a little antsy.  So now it’s Nov. 1, every year.”

Picaroons will officially launch this year’s Warmer with a public reception, Wednesday November 5th beginning at 5:00pm at the York Street ANBL Train Station with live music from Josh Bravener, a slew of delicious pies from Chess Piece Pâtisserie & Café and of course, the guest of honour, Winter Warmer.  Shivering Songs festival organizers will also be on hand to announce their initial 2015 festival line-up.

Winter Warmer is one of two major seasonal beers produced by Picaroons, which have become an important part of the province’s growing beer culture in recent years.  Just as Dooryard, the company’s popular summer ale, has become synonymous with sunny days and weekend camping trips for countless New Brunswickers, Warmer, to many, means layered clothing, mittens and snow.

“Warmer has a great following with beer drinkers,” said Dunbar.  “It may have become one of those ‘you know it’s almost winter when….’ sort of things.  Warmer is our most popular beer from November to March.   That’s because it really does go well with the season.    Our taste in food and beverage tends to change with the weather and Warmer just follows along the natural path of the seasons.”

A large part of Picaroons’ popular palette of flavours has to do with the company’s willingness to experiment with ingredients while keeping within the boundaries of each beer’s unique taste.  And this year’s batch of Warmer is no exception.

“Same old recipe this year,” said Dunbar, “but I’m drying it out a bit more, so it’s not quite so sweet as last year.   It’s a bit more winey, if that’s a word.   The change will be subtle, though.  We’re also using some NB hops that we have left over from Harvest Ale season this year and they’ll be a tad different than the same variety from western US hop-yards, but, again, this should be a pretty subtle change.”

Don’t miss you chance to taste the first batches of this incredible brew.

EVENT: Picaroons’ Winter Warmer Launch: Wednesday November 5, 2014 at the ANBL Train Station, York Street, Fredericton.

5:00pm – Live music from Josh Bravener and free samples of Winter Warmer

5:15pm – Shivering Songs’ initial artist announcement

5:30pm – more free samples with meat pies (made with Winter Warmer), veggie pies and pumpkin pies, all from Chess Piece Pâtisserie & Café, and more live music.

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