Why did Heisenberg go to Copenhagen?

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Saint John Theatre Company presents award winning play Copenhagen as part of its in-house Studio Series of work.

This February the SJTC is proud to present the thought-provoking play Copenhagen, directed by Dean Turner, as part of its Studio Series of work at the BMO Studio Theatre. 

The play, written by Michael Frayn, examines the events surrounding a trip made by German physicist Werner Heisenberg to visit his old teacher and colleague Niels Bohr in 1941. The two Nobel Prize winning physicists had revolutionized atomic physics in the 1920’s with their work on quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle; but are now on the opposite sides in a world war. Why Heisenberg went to Copenhagen and what he wanted to say to Bohr are questions that have vexed historians ever since.

“Copenhagen is a Tony Award winning play by Michael Frayn, one of our finest modern playwrights.  It is a fascinating character study of three very smart people who all remember key events differently.  It is the story of the birth of atomic physics.  It is also the story of the birth of the atomic bomb,” said Dean Turner, the show’s director. “In the current international climate, with Russia, North Korea and Iran all making noise about the use of nuclear weapons, it is a timely reminder of the presence of such weapons in our world.”

Copenhagen will run at BMO Studio Theatre, 112 Princess Street, from February 15-18, 2023. Tickets are $25 and $20 for students. There will also be an Industry Night viewing of the performance on February 16, whereby theatre-makers receive a discounted ticket price.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting www.tickets.saintjohntheatrecompany.com or by calling our box office at 652-7582 ext. 236.

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