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The Tipsy Muse Café will officially open its doors to the public on Saturday January 19. 

Matt Carter

After a hectic final week of meetings, inspections and last minute planning, the latest shop to plant roots in downtown Fredericton is ready for business. The Tipsy Muse Café is officially open.

Part café, part performance venue and artist exhibition space, The Muse aims to specialize in great coffee, good conversation and a range of early evening entertainment.

“I want this to become a place that people know for great entertainment and a great cup of coffee,” said Rob Pinnock, one of the three minds behind The Muse.

Together with his friends and business partners Krista Touesnard and Michelle Berthelot, Pinnock sees The Muse as a combination of all their dreams for what a fun, community minded business could be.

“So much of this project is a direct result of what we’re all into,” said Pinnock. “We really put our thoughts and efforts and everything into it these last few months.

“We all have something that we’re bringing to the table and this space is just a great place to flex our ideas. Michelle’s a great photographer.  Krista’s a great musician. I’m going to work at booking entertainment.”

Located at 86 Regent Street, Pinnock, Touesnard and Berthelot will be representing as much local food, art and entertainment as they can manage. With a few exceptions like Java Blend Coffee from Halifax and Montreal Bagels, most of the café’s offerings – from the cream cheese to the chocolate and the vodka – have all been sourced from local producers and suppliers.

For Touesnard, the decision to root her business in the local community extends beyond the products at the counter. It’s a natural response to the support she has always felt from the community around her.

“The city has really rallied behind what we’re trying to do,” said Touesnard. “Not just with words of encouragement, but actually doing things to help us accomplish this project. I don’t think we could have done it without all the support we’ve received.

“Since the beginning we’ve met some amazing people,” she said. “From the branding to the lawyers to the accountants to the designers – there’s been an overwhelming sense of community right from the start. I really thought we were going to have to forge this alone but we ended up being guided and coached so kindly by people who know what they’re doing. If you ask for help, people are definitely going to get it in the city.”

The Muse will celebrate their grand opening on January 19 (open at 1 p.m.) with a special acoustic performance by Moncton hard rock outfit The Motorleague. 7 p.m. | $15 | only 60 seats! 

A full list of upcoming performances can be found below. 

Upcoming Performances:

January 19 | The Motorleague (acoustic)
January 24 | Richie Young
January 31 | Graeme Kennedy
February 1 | Mandy Silk
February 2 | Adam Washburn
February 7 | Jerry Faye
February 8 | Terry Whalen 
February 9 | Chill Chicago
February 15 | The Lockdown Trio
February 21 | Quinn Bonnell 


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