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A Look at Some of the Stories Featured on Grid City This Week.

weekly round upIt’s Friday and the Christmas season is now in full swing.  I’m constantly amazed at just how many events take place during the month of December.  We started the week off with a new installment in our Center Stage series, discussing the state of theatre in the city.  This week we were incredibly happy to welcome STU’s Dr. Robin Whittaker. He had a lot great things to say about the many Fredericton theatre companies, their recent work, and brought up the topic of audience development.  Check out his full feature and learn more about the city’s theatre culture.

If you enjoy hearing carols sung by a full choir, this week is a dream come true. There have been activities happening all week, with city several city choirs coming out of the woodwork all at once, to bask in the sounds of the holidays.  Check out Six Christmas Concerts to put you in the Holiday Mood.

In our series, Home Scene, we were super-pumped to have DJ STV share his thoughts on city music.  STV has been at the forefront of East Coast hip hop for over 20 years and produces one of Canada’s longest running hip hop programs – Strictly Hip Hop – on CHSR 97.9FM.  Definitely a city treasure – the man and his music. Thanks Steve!

Speaking of city treasures, visual artist Dana O’Regan is a man worth celebrating.  His work comprises some of the most unique creations I’ve seen – blending chaos and beauty like no one else.  This week (today, in fact), Dana is letting go of some one of a kind sculptures in the most unique way.  Check it! 

On the non-festive side of music (depending on how you look at it, I suppose), two amazing bands hit The Capital today (Friday) – Mike Trask and the Precious Memories join Josh Bravener and the Hypochondriacs.  Gonna be a good’er and possibly the smartest $5 you’ll spend all month!

And finally, if you’re having trouble deciding what to do this weekend, here are some options.

Thanks for reading and thanks for checking Grid City Magazine during the week. I appreciate all the likes, shares, contributions and virtual high-fives you’ve given.  Keep your events and story ideas coming.  A big thanks to those who have started using our events calendar.

Have a warm and safe weekend.


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