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A Look at Some of the Stories Featured on Grid City This Week.

Friday again? Yowza!

This week we started off talking about tribute acts, or cover bands or whatever the proper terminology is these days.  It turned out to be a pretty well-timed article.  As the week unfolded, cover bands where a strong theme.  In our first feature, we heard from Darren O, founding member of Pretty in Pink (That 80s Band) on what he believes people love about hearing a band play their favourite songs.  We also heard from Barry Hughes of Dolan’s Pub, on why cover bands are such an important part of his establishment.  Pretty interesting really.

Like I was saying, cover bands appeared to be a common theme this week with The Capital Complex announcing their 10th series of Christmas Cover Shows, held in support of the Fredericton Food Bank. Lots of acts on this year’s bill including The Cars, Duran Duran and Danzig.  That spells dream-concert to me!  Also, the folks at FeelsGood announced their New Year’s Eve show, a tribute to Bob Marley and the Wailers with Dub Antenna performing Legend front to back. He spoke with Paul McAllister and Mat Fitzgerald about the show.

Fredericton artist collective ShiftWork announced a 24 hour show and sale this week.  We spoke with artist Stefan Westner about the concept behind ShiftWork and the theme for their latest show – B&W(+1).

Theatre New Brunswick (TNB) began their holiday production of A Christmas Carol, a new musical adaptation by Michael Doherty and Caleb Marshall.  Evening performances are nearly sold-out.  If you’re hoping to go, don’t wait!

And this brings us to today, with three Saint John bands invading The Capital.  Read all about the harbour city’s Sharktooth Records and go check them out!

Have a safe an awesome weekend.


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