Wax Wednesdays – Episode Four with Brydon Crain

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Motherhood co-founder Brydon Crain sits down with Wax Wednesday host Rob Pinnock to discuss the band’s debut Diamonds & Gold and how the group has grown and forged their own identity over the past six years since its release.

On this, the fourth installment in the Wax Wednesday series, Motherhood guitarist/vocalist Brydon Crain talks about his musical influences and how growing up in Kenya with missionary parents helped broaden his understanding of music and rhythm. 

The conversation is centered around the band’s debut Diamonds & Gold, an album that in just six years of existence has become known as one of the most influential Fredericton releases of all time. 

“Diamonds & Gold is a record that will be refered to for generations if you ask me.” said Pinnock.  “I think it’s that good. I knew how creative Fredericton was but this album really kick-started something for me.”

Motherhood’s latest album, Dear Bongo, is out now on Forward Music Group. 

This video series in produced in partnership between the Muse, Insurmountable Sounds, Raynemaker Productions, Backstreet Records and Grid City Magazine.

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