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Snakes & Ladders is the fourth single from Jessica Rhaye and the Ramshackle Parade’s forthcoming album, Sunshine Baby, out May 5. 

Matt Carter 

Back on September 30, Jessica Rhaye and her band the Ramshackle Parade offered a first look and listen to their new record by releasing the album’s title track Sunshine Baby, along with a supporting video filmed on stage at the Imperial Theatre. Four months later, Come A Little Closer arrived in similar fashion with a playful video highlighting a contrast in both musicality and colour when compared to its predecessor. But they didn’t stop there. Just last month, the album’s third single I Won’t Break arrived on all the usual platforms including, once again, on Youtube with, once again, another beautiful video. With the album’s official release date just a month away, Rhaye and Co. have done it again, sharing their fourth single, Snakes and Ladders

“Snakes and Ladders is about the struggle – taking one step forward and two steps back, rolling the dice, trying to get ahead in the game hoping for a light to shine on your music in this wonderful and crazy business,” explains Rhaye. 

“During a quiet period in my music career, the lyrics for this song came to me. Everyone has these lulls, whether you are an artist or not; and it felt like the right time to share my perspective.”

Working once again with director, producer, and editor Jordan Mattie, the artist responsible for the band’s previous music videos including a video for their cover of Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind (which now boasts a jaw-dropping 11 million streams on YouTube!), this latest video continues to showcase both the band’s music and Mattie’s admirable skills behind the camera, who, for this shoot, decided to film the Rhaye and her band in one continuous shot. 

Do yourself a favour and make time to watch the previous three videos from Sunshine Baby (below) and don’t forget to pre-order/save a copy of the album for yourself.

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