Wangled Teb Teases Forthcoming Release

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Fredericton-based electronic musician Indigo Poirier is currently working with a string quartet for the next installment in her Elements Series.

Wangled Teb photo by Brandynn Pope.

Indigo Poirier began releasing music under the name Wangled Teb in 2016. Since the release of her debut self-titled EP, her music has been in a constant state of development.   Never repeating herself and always moving forward in new and often unexpected directions, Poirier has grown to become an incredibly exciting artist to follow.

Last week she announced the forthcoming third installment in her Elements Series, set for release in late 2019 or early 2020 via TwoFifteen RecordsAir will feature collaborations with the Kalaya String Quartet and will be the first Wangled Teb release to feature Poirier’s own string compositions.

“I wrote string parts for quartet and invited the Kalaya String Quartet to perform them,” said Poirier. “It was really exciting and terrifying. I had never written for strings before. I wasn’t sure it was going to come together until I heard them rehearsing it. I think it’s going to be something really unique and special. I’ve never heard anything combining breakbeats with this kind of in-depth four-part chamber music writing before.”

The Kalaya String Quartet is made up of Marlena Pellegrino and Adora Wong on violin, David Endemann on viola, and Emily Kennedy on cello.

“It was very special for Kalaya to be able to work with Indigo,” said Pellegrino. “On the surface it was a collaborative recording project between two artistic groups, but it was really much more than that. We were teaching one another our unique musical languages, and glimpsing the ins and outs of our parallel creative processes.

“Indigo’s music is unlike anything I’ve ever heard, and playing it was both artistically challenging and satisfying. Wangled Teb treats string writing not as ambient orchestral atmosphere, but as a truly integral and rhythmically relevant player in her songs. As a string player and recording artist, I appreciated chewing on the arhythmical melodic lines and playing alongside her striking tracks. Learning and recording this album with Kalaya was a whirlwind journey which I am sure will make for a standout album.”

Wangled Teb has also contributed to a track to a recently released remix compilation celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Peterborough, Ontario industrial rap project, Garbageface. All proceeds from Eighteen Trumpets – Garbageface Remixed and Reinterpreted will support the Peterborough chapter of Food Not Bombs.


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