Video: Wasted On Your Love (Apryll Aileen)

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The latest video from Saint John’s Apryll Aileen is a dance inspired romp through her hometown.

For her latest single, Wasted on Your Love, Apryll Aileen teamed up with dancers from The Studio Dance School to create a music video unlike most others typical of the region. Using Saint John’s colourful uptown as a backdrop, Aileen and her team went all out to create a fully choreographed performance.

“Working with The Studio Dance school was a lot of fun,” said Aileen. “Stephanie Grace-Lily who runs the studio, choreographed the dance. I don’t really have much dance experience. I left ballet to shoot hoops in my early days. I have a newfound appreciation for anyone in the dance community. It takes a lot of mental memory, physical body connection, agility, fitness and focus to be a dancer.”

For Aileen, the biggest challenge in making this video was met when she found herself without the support of a mirrored wall to confirm her moves were on point.

“When we practiced in the studio, I could let the other girls lead and we had mirrors all around us,” she said. “Then when we got on set a week later, I realized I had to not only remember all the moves and transitions without mirrors, but also lead the whole dance, out in the front!

“Filming this video has definitely led to me want to incorporate some more dance elements into my live shows.”

Wasted on Your Love is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Music written and performed by Apryll Aileen.
Produced by LVR (Daniel Lafrombe)
Mastered by Nick Fowler
Music Video Shot & Chopped by Andrew Tidby
Produced by Apryll Aileen and Peter Doyle
Camera Assistants: Tony Tompkins, Nick Miller, Jerry Burchill
Choreographed by The Studio Dance School: Stephanie Grace-Lily.
Dancers: Danielle Robertson, Janelle MacLeod, Holly Donovan & Lara Munro

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