Video: Sound Drown – Here We Go ft. Arielle

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Saint John’s Sound Drown tease new album with fourth new single, Here We Go ft. Arielle.

Matt Carter 

It’s almost hard to believe Sound Drown have been touring and releasing music for more than four years now and have yet to release a full-length record. It wouldn’t be such a tough pill to swallow if the band still carried a few rough edges, but they don’t. Going all the way back to their 2016 debut single Fault Line, the band sounded in control of what they were doing, with a clear vision of the music they wanted to make. Skip ahead four years and Sound Drown sounds more polished, more focused and even more confident, if that’s possible. 

Earlier this month the band released their latest single Here We Go ft. Arielle, a love song sung as a duet with vocalist Arielle Paige who adds character to the song’s storyline and a new tone to the band’s time-tested sonic direction.   

Last week the band released a video for the track and shared the news that finally, after three years in the making, Sound Drown’s debut album Selfish Reasons will be released December 4. Watch for it!


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