Video: Roll With Me (Ethan Moulton)

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18 year old Fredericton native Ethan Moulton takes viewers on a trip through his hometown with the video for his latest single, Roll With Me. 

Matt Carter

Ethan Moulton appears to be doing something right. The 18 year old Fredericton native released his first music video over the Christmas holidays and it has already received close to 14,000 views.

“It’s been super crazy. The amount of attention it’s getting, I wish I could explain it,” said Moulton in a recent interview with Vanessa Vander Valk, host of CBC Radio’s Shift program.  “When I first posted it, I didn’t expect the amount of attention it was going to get.”

Shot throughout the city of Fredericton, including some eye-catching night scenes filmed in Marysville’s historic district, the video is both a visual introduction for Moulton as an artist, and a beautiful representation of a city not often associated with pop music hits.

Moulton credits the video’s online popularity to the city scenes he and director Matthew Gorveatte chose to include.

“People love that I used the city of Fredericton and the places I picked,” he said. “I had this complete plan in my head and everything, and he [Gorveatte] had these cool places that looked esthetically pleasing in a video. We put them together, did a few test shots and it kinda went from there.”

Until recently, Moulton kept his love for writing songs to himself, only penning his first original song in 2018.

“From there it’s just kinda been going along,” he said.  “It hasn’t been that long really. It’s amazing.”  


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