Video Premiere: ‘Human Brain Freezer’ (Shrimp Ring)

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Check out the latest video from Saint John’s space-hosted rotating inertial manned platform – Shrimp Ring.

Human Brain Freezer, taken form the group’s March 2017 release Activate Your Function, is the first video to surface from Saint John’s new wave, electro, synth-disco duo, Shrimp Ring. 

“Dan [Chamberlain] and I shot the video at the Canterbury jam space in beautiful downtown Saint John and I edited it at my shack in the woods in Gaspereau Forks,” said Shrimp Ring’s Philip Clark. “No budget, no grants, we just did it all ourselves like the scruffy punk rockers we are.

“The idea behind it is that we placed ourselves in cryogenic storage and then a wormhole opened at the Canterbury jam space and our frozen brains fell in and we were revived on an orbiting space station a hundred years in the future.”

Shrimp Ring have two EPs available at pay-what-you-wish pricing. Both will make you move. Follow the Bandcamp link below to make your dreams come true. And watch for new music coming soon. Possible before the end of the year. 


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