Video Premiere: Beauts (Covers)

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FLOURISH Festival performers Beauts share a brand new video in advance of their weekend show.

“We made this video with Gavin MacLean, who’s made some sweet videos with Quiet Parade and his own band Glory Glory,” said Beauts frontman Jeff Lawton. “We shot a lot more footage of us wearing wigs and slapping each other in the face, which for the most part didn’t make the cut. Covers is the lead-off song on our second EP, Waves/Wash, which won’t be officially released until early June. But if you come out to our show you might be able to get your grubby hands on one.”

Flourish Performance

Beauts perform Saturday April 23, 2016 at the Shiftwork Studio with Ada, WHOOP-Szo and Motherhood. The show will also include performance art and an installation by sophia bartholomew as well as art by Bennie Allain, Stefan Westner, Penelope Stevens, Nightime Shirley, Rachel Thornton, Amna Khurshid and others.  Learn more.


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