Video: Peak-a-Buddhist Vanishing Cream (YSIL)

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“Don’t let the greasy application fool you, because you’re no fool.”

Matt Carter

There’s a beautiful chemistry that exists between the members of Young Satan in Love. While their collective musical strength and their ability to deliver a smashing live show are without question, the level of entertainment each new video provides is bolstered by the apparent divide between band member’s willingness (or unwillingness) to buy-in to band leader Mack Brockton’s complete vision. Whether this is part of a scripted “resistance of evil” narrative conceived as some underlying group subtext or secondary storyline to the YSIL mythos (something not out of the realm of possibility with these guys) or more of a “I’ll do my thing, you do yours” gentlemen’s agreement, seeing the band perform, either on screen or in person, is always a treat.

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