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Vocalist Chris Waddell shares the story behind how the band came to record their latest video in a real house of horrors.

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Jared Carney from Fredericton’s Creeker Films met with me at the end of 2016 and asked if the band might be interested in contributing a song for his movie/web series, Kill Scene.

As the band didn’t really have a song at that point that would fit well with Jared’s theme, we hunkered down towards the end of 2016 and wrote and recorded Kill Scene – Zombie Nation. The single was produced by Jake Duffie and Underground Alliance, who as always, did a kick-ass job with the track. We recorded the drums with Dan Rogers and the vocals, bass and guitar were recorded at CHSR’s Studio D, so much thanks to Dan, Jake and to CHSR again!

The song’s theme is your standard zombie apocalypse and it’s kinda The Wastleland Zombies’ theme song.

The video’s story is essentially about a post-nuked world in which zombies and chaos reign. A rich survivor, one of the ‘Elite’ survivors, has a harem of women that he gets to dance for his entertainment and at the end of the video he’s killed off by one of those ladies. Throughout these scenes are shots of the band playing.

Jared got hold of this amazing spot just outside of Moncton called Zombie Manor. I mean, seriously, when we named the band The Wasteland Zombies in the 1990’s we had NO idea that in the future, zombies would be a global craze and that there’d be a place like Zombie Manor available.

Zombie Manor is a massive haunted house/house of horrors that you can tour through and well, they scare the crap out of you! A funhouse of terror and gore, and this place is just outside of Moncton!

So getting to shoot a music video, our first, in this amazing place, with dead bodies and gore all around was the perfect spot for us.

January 2017 we went to Moncton to shoot the band footage with Jared’s small but more than capable crew.

Then the following weekend I came back up with Jared and the crew to shoot the cast of models for the video. One of which was our good friend Margo. They all did a fantastic job in the video and both shoots were pulled off perfectly, total pros, nothing went wrong. Oh, except the main camera not powering up, but luckily we managed with a back up one. Jared had an awesome crew. They even got our M&M’s order right as per our rider.

After that, the video passed between a couple of editors before landing in Jon Blizzard’s hands and he did an absolutely fantastic job with the final editing. That editing coupled with Jared’s direction and crew turned out a pretty dang cool video.

We’re super, super fortunate to have been asked to be part of this project and we had a blast doing it. I’m looking forward to doing another sometime soon. – Chris

The Wasteland Zombies have been on hiatus since the fall, but plan to regroup this spring and record some new music. Kill Scene – Zombie Nation is the first new original music from the group in 25 years. 

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