We Could All Use Some HIGHS in the East This Time of Year

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Toronto Group Play The Capital Complex During Shivering Songs

grid city magazine - HIGHSHow would you describe HIGHS to someone who has never heard your music?

As with every band, there are two sides of the “music”.  There’s the recorded stuff and there’s the live show.  In regards to our recorded stuff – it’s energetic alt-pop with a tropical flare and a lot of emphasis on percussion.  As for the live show, I think people have to figure that out for themselves.  What I do know is that we feel the best about a show when we’re getting back into the van feeling that we a)played well b) had a lot of fun and c) played with a lot of energy.  It’s pretty tough to not get sucked into an energetic fun show as a concert goer.

What’s the best part of traveling east and playing in small, intimate venues like The Capital Complex?

It’s our first time touring the East Coast so we’re not quite sure what the BEST part of traveling East is but what we can say is that every single band, blog, magazine, friend, etc that we’ve talked to about travelling East has only had amazing things to say about not only the people and concert goers but the venues as well.  The really awesome thing about intimate venues like The Capital Complex is that they offer an opportunity for bands and fans to connect on literally a much closer level.  There isn’t a “divide” between a band and the crowd that is often present in larger venues.  It’s like you’re all just there, part of the same show, up close and personal.  It’s actually rewarding feeling as a musician.

What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

Aside from travelling east for the first time, we’re also recording our first full length in February/March which we are all really excited about.  The songs will definitely be recognizably HIGHS songs but with more of a depth that we felt was missing from the EP.  We’ve been working really hard on it so we’re looking forward to seeing come together.


HIGHS+NUAGES+GLORY GLORY | The Capital Complex | Friday January 23, 2015 | $8 into the Complex or FREE with any Shivering Songs pass | 10:00PM

HIGHS is a pop band. Formed in Toronto in late 2012, the band had its beginnings with a trio of bedroom demos created by guitarist Doug Haynes. These demos, with their driving afro-beat rhythms, guitar hooks and layered harmonies, provided the initial musical foundation for the band when it expanded into a five-piece.

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