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Comedians Andrew Steiner and Matthew Silver kickoff national tour at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre on July 20. 

International touring comedian Andrew Steiner has teamed up with internet celebrity and all around loveable weirdo Matthew Silver to craft an evening performance full of clever jokes, improvisation, and onstage vulnerability. 

Steiner and Silver’s comedy touches on a range of topics, from spur of the moment observations, to personal experiences and non-verbal catharsis. Steiner is known for his keen ability to juxtapose depth with levity, confronting issues we all face. His jokes are carefully crafted to hit all the right notes, leaving audiences in stitches and craving more. Silver, on the other hand, has made quite a name for himself in the comedy industry with his shocking ability to stay so radically present it can leave you feeling like you’re suddenly on a spiritual rocket-ship to the love galaxy.

“I couldn’t be more excited for audiences to see what we have in store for them. Matthew and I have worked together on several projects, and we really mesh well on stage and off,” said Steiner. “My goal is to make people laugh and forget about their problems, even if it’s just for a little while. I believe that comedy has the power to bring people together and create a shared experience that is truly special.”

With a combined resume that includes features on MTV, Adult Swim, numerous viral videos, well received performances at both the Rochester and Philly Fringe Festivals, Comedy in Iceland, and the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, audiences can expect Steiner and Silver to serve up a healthy dose of humour with their upcoming show at the Charlotte Street Art Centre. 

Comedy Playtime with Andrew Steiner and Matthew Silver | July 20 | Charlotte Street Arts Centre | Fredericton, NB | Buy Tickets 

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