Two Years of PENSION

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PENSION Clothing celebrates two years of travelling the Maritimes bringing PENSION to the masses.

Kate Butler

PENSION was founded by Scott Veysey and Jeremy Goddard after a particularly rowdy couple of nights in Toronto. Veysey and Goddard both grew up in the Sussex area and have a similar appreciation for all things ‘givin’er’.

“We were joking about things that would look deadly on a t-shirt,” said Veysey. “We just wanted something that represented the east coast the way we saw it. It’s a niche that wasn’t being explored and one that our fellow Maritimers would be excited to wear. Anchors and beavers didn’t really speak to us but nothing says New Brunswick quite like PENSION.”

Over the past two years the duo have created a brand that encompasses heavy metal and hoser culture with a Maritime flare which has gained a very strong cult following across Atlantic Canada. PENSION appears on the big screen in the upcoming film Pogey Beach (from the creators of Just Passing Through) and most recently Fubar’s Deaner has been spotted wearing PENSION gear on their new Viceland show, Age of Computer.

“Our favourite part of the process is seeing the ideas come to fruition,” said Veysey. “For each design it’s usually a team of three or four and we work really closely with the designers to bring the idea to the final product. It’s cool to see people’s response and them actually wearing it, in their music videos, on festival stages, on vacation.”

“We’ve had multiple people help us get the brand out there on the festival circuit by giving us plenty of space to pretty much do whatever we want,” he said.

“Yeah, big shout out to all the event organizers. Wow, what a summer,” adds PENSION Union Rep, Paul Robichaud.

To celebrate their second anniversary, PENSION wanted to host some of their favourite bands and show off the new gear for the summer months with a birthday party at The Capital Complex on June 1.

“PENSION sort of operates as a Union, and they’ve all paid their Union dues so to speak,” said Robichaud. “Deep Fryer has that Sussex connection. Diner Drugs have always been big supporters of the brand and they’re fun as hell. It’s the first show for The Feely Peelers but those guys have a history with us and we put our full support behind Richie Bourbon.”

PENSION’s Two Year Celebration with Diner Drugs, Feely Peelers and Deep Fryer takes place at The Capital Complex, Friday June 1st at 10:30 pm. Free Molson Draft tickets will be provided with every merch purchase!

Join PENSION on the road this summer as they will be vending at Area 506 in Saint John and Folly Fest in Gagetown.


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