Two New Singles from Free to Grow

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Highly collaborative Fredericton rock ensemble Free to Grow released a pair of new singles over the weekend. 

Matt Carter

Free to Grow continues down its well trodden path of collaboration and special guest appearances with a pair of new singles, Weekend Freaky Girl and I Dig This

Weekend Freaky Girl is a playful ode to the groupie culture that has long been associated with rock music’s public image. Backed by a repetitive lead guitar riff reminiscent of hair metal’s pop crossover period, the song captures the fabled era in rock music history when the phrase, “I’m with the band,” had nothing to do with playing music or lugging gear. 

Gettin’ old, but the boys don’t mind. Still the hottest they can find. She gets loud, lets out a howl. A weekend cougar on the prowl.

Weekend Freaky Girl features Dan Doucet, the group’s lead guitarist on lead vocals with Vaughan Evans of The Unheard as guest lead guitarist backed by six members of the group performing all remaining instrumentation and backing vocals.    

In typical Free to Grow fashion, the second single, I Dig This, stands in contrast to the first, showcasing a completely different side of the group. This contrast also serves to remind listeners of the band’s underlying purpose as an outlet for creativity between friends. Plain and simple. 

The innuendo rich I Dig This features Marie-Hélène Michaud on lead vocals with guest performances by Dave Palmer on dobro with Chris Browne on mandolin.  

Both songs were mixed and mastered by Adrian Jenkinson of Hairy Monster Audio in Hull UK with funding provided through the Jane LeBlanc Legacy, a non-profit multidisciplinary arts support organization. 

Weekend Freaky Girl and I Dig This will both appear on the band’s fourth full length album, due out in early 2024. 


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