A Touch of Jazz

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An Evening of Music and Art in Support of the Fredericton Arts Alliance.

HOTAposter-2The Fredericton Arts Alliance (FAA) have announced their annual fundraising gala. The event, A Touch of Jazz, will take place at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre Thursday October 23, 2014. The event includes a live art auction featuring works by many predominant city artists along with food, drink and live music provided by the Alex Bailey Swing Band and Dianne Roxborough Brown.

“The Gala is really the FAA’s only fundraiser, apart from what success we have in seeking grant support for our projects,” said Katie FitzRandolph, past president and current member of the FAA board of directors. “Other funders like to see that an organization has community support, so the Gala is an opportunity to show granting agencies that the FAA is valued in Fredericton for the work it does and the way it does it.”

The FAA in a non-profit organization working to encourage and support the arts in the Fredericton area through a number of unique initiatives including a free, weekly arts e-newsletter and a paid artist in residence program in the Garrison District during the summer months. Last year the FAA initiated a series of Artists in the Schools programs, paying individual artists to work for 25 hours with students and teachers to help incorporate arts into school programming.

“Until recently, the FAA had a part-time staff person but when we lost provincial funding, four years ago, that became impossible,” said FitzRandolph. “Last year’s gala enabled us to look ahead and expand our efforts. As a result we ran a series we call Art Off the Street, bringing an artist and materials to the homeless shelter and providing people there with a means of self-expression they rarely have.”

Tickets are now available at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre and Westminster Books.

A Touch of Jazz, Gala Fundraiser – October 23, 2014, 7:00pm – 11:00pm at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, 732 Charlotte Street in Fredericton featuring work by Bruno Bobak, Chris Colwell, William Forestall, Dan Gleason, Toby Graser, Charlotte Glencross and many others.


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