Tim Moxam Plays NB This Week

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Tim Moxam and the Blue Sky Miners have shows in Fredericton and Moncton.


There’s a comforting familiarity in Tim Moxam’s music, like the feeling of a soft summer breeze after the passing of a cold winter. It’s his soulful voice that floats over twangy acoustic guitar; his vivid storytelling of lost love; his warm atmospheric tones that swell and crash.

Yet when it comes to conjuring Moxam’s influences – no one comes to mind. He exists in a world that deftly explores the space between country-rock and folk, with a talent for carving out memorable melodies in unlikely places. On Soft Summer, Moxam shows he’s a singer/songwriter wholly of his own.

At its core, Soft Summer is a collection of deeply personal songs, organized like a sonic memoir. Many of the songs have lived with Moxam for years, some were penned in the van as he toured with his former band, the beloved Great Bloomers.

Despite their disparate origins, the songs fit together with fluidity and ease. This is partially thanks to Moxam’s distinctive point of view, and otherwise to the collaborative, off the floor recording process.

Soft Summer is at turns passionate and tender then uplifting and rollicking. It’s a look inside Moxam’s own life, encrypted in metaphors and melodies.

Tim Moxam + Blue Sky Miners | Wednesday October 26, 2016 | Grimross Brewing Co | 7:30 pm | Suggested Donation $10 | View Event

Tim Moxam + Blue Sky Miners | Friday October 28, 2016 | Tide and Boar Gastropub  | 7:30 pm | View Event

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