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Next Folding Theatre Company launch new season with popular Live Audio Workshop Series.

12065720_1064782606889178_8316015765123563263_nThis fall, the Next Folding Theatre Company will produce another installment in their Live Audio Workshop Series, where new scripts by Canadian artists are workshopped and then read and recorded in front of a live Fredericton audience.  This year’s featured scripts include Andrew Titus and Jeremy Fowler’s Seeds, Sarah Higgins’ family [Sign], and Brandon Hicks’ An Event in Donahue Field.

All three scripts are previously unproduced original works written by local playwrights.

“Since we call for original, first-run plays by local writers, the Live Audio Workshop Series has always featured an incredibly diverse array of stories,” said NFTC veteran Brandon Hicks, who curates the event.  “I’m proud to say that this year might be our most varied workshop yet. There really is something for everybody.”

The works inclused in this year’s series range in terms of theme, style, and dramatic content.  While Fowler and Titus’ Seeds examines the bizarre workings of morality and sanity in a not-too-sane society, Hicks’ An Event in Donahue Field is a very New Brunswick-feeling political satire.  Higgins’ family drama [Sign] rounds out the trio, reminding us of how theatre can show us how to think with our hearts.

“We have a beautiful piece of poetic theatre with Seeds, written by Andrew Titus and Jeremy Fowler,” said Hicks, “a satirical look at lies and politics in An Event in Donahue Field, written by myself, and finally we have Sarah Higgins’ dramatic piece [Sign], which is set to be possibly the first audio-based performance to feature American Sign Language as a central theme.”

Live Audio Workshop Series also offer the audience a chance to enjoy great beer as they listen to some amazing local writing.  What better way to spend your Wednesday night?

“We’ve been working very hard to create a night full of laughs, tears and deep thought with these plays,” said Hicks, “and we are extremely excited to share that experience with an audience.”

Next Folding Theatre Company | Live Audio Workshop Series | Charlotte Street Arts Centre | November 4, 2015 | 7 p.m. | $10 | View Event

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