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Scumlord invited the Grid City cameras into their practice space for a short session on November 7, 2017. Check it out. 

We wrote about Scumlord’s debut King Of The Wasteland when that album was released back in March of this year.  It remains one of the heaviest, fastest New Brunswick releases of the year and is still in heavy rotation at the Grid City office. 

Since coming together in 2016, Scumlord have remained Chad McMillan (bass/voice), Kyle Albright (guitar/voice) and Jamie Jardine (drums). During the recording of their debut, the band added a second guitar player but have since reverted back to the founding lineup. As guitarist Kyle Albright pointed out while we were preparing to shoot this performance, “This thing started as a trio and it’ll die as a trio.” 

The band have an album’s worth of new material that they hope to record over the coming months. New tunes from Scumlord would make 2018 all the better. Enjoy!

Related: King of the Wasteland, the band’s full-length debut, is an aggressive throwback to classic hardcore delivered almost exclusively at breakneck speed.


This Is Where We Work was a early video series from Grid City Magazine. We haven’t posted a new video in this series in almost two years but decided to dust off the name after getting an invite from Scumlord. The whole idea behind the series was to be a fly on the wall during a band’s rehearsal and document the practice space and the music being made within it. Other groups to take part in the series include The Trick, Hard Charger, Sam Salmon, Brookside Mall, The Hypochondriacs, David in the Dark and Verses. Dig around through our Youtube channel to find those videos. There may be more videos to come.  


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