TheLeftovers share new single, Calm Before The Storm

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Sussex-based progressive instrumental rock trio TheLeftovers have shared the first of two new singles. Check out the video for Calm Before The Storm.

Matt Carter 

Born out of isolation and the desire to create something new during the darkest days of the pandemic, Sussex-based progressive instrumental rock trio TheLeftovers have found their place within the province’s independent music community by blending rock riffs with arrangements that lean more towards classical music than traditional rock and roll. 

The group’s latest single, Calm Before the Storm, plays out across three main movements that connect to form a suite of rock-tinged melodies that escalate in complexity and intensity. 

The accompanying video, directed by Taylor Pennell, may or may not be a subtle retelling of the group’s origin. Like all good music videos, there is a lot of room for interpretation. Check it out.

TheLeftovers are currently working at Aurum Waves Studio in Moncton to complete their next album presently planned for release in the spring of 2024.

Upcoming Performances:

September 8 | Sussex Golden Arrow’s Sports Bar | w/ Ted Parrott | View Event 

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