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Grow yoga studio, Fredericton, NB. December 10.

Matt Carter
The Weather Station. Photo: Brad Perry

The Grow yoga studio on King Street in Fredericton has to be one of the most intimate listening venues anywhere in the province. Hidden high above a bike shop on one of the downtown’s busiest streets, the small, dimly lit room offers an escape from practically every distraction imaginable. And when paired with the rich voice of The Weather Station’s Tamara Lindeman, a more relaxing concert experience is simply hard to imagine.

The evening began with a performance by Toronto’s Bernice whose 40 minute set could have carried the evening alone. Combining the beautiful voice of songwriter Robin Dann with an array of electronic accompaniment (three synth players playing off each other and improving like seasoned jazz musicians), Bernice bring an unusually loose feel to the world of synth-pop.  The band played new and older material, including a few tracks from their 2017 Arts & Crafts debut, Puff, before ending things off with a cover of Shawn Colvin’s Steady On.

Bernice. Photo: Brad Perry

Dann’s introductions and between song banter added to the house concert feel of the night. And while it may have taken the audience a song or two to get behind what they were hearing, by the end of the set the room was sold.  

The Weather Station’s Tamara Lindeman began her set alone on acoustic guitar singing Don’t Understand, the opening track off her 2014 EP What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know, before being joined by a stacked backing band that included drummer Ian Kehoe (Marine Dreams/Attack In Black), guitarist Will Kidman (Constantines) and long-time bassist Ben Whitely.  

Largely focusing on new material from her self-titled album released this past October, Lindeman and company delivered an extremely dynamic set, something The Weather Station has long been known for.

Each time Lindeman visits the city I can’t help but feel our opportunities to see her perform in such an intimate setting are numbered. Absolutely stunning.

Big thanks to the performers, Grow and to Shivering Songs for making it all happen.

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