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Falls Brook Centre Opens Satellite Office at The Ville Cooperative.

fallsFalls Brook Centre opened a satellite office on November 1, 2015 at The Ville Cooperative in Marysville, formerly the Alexander Gibson Memorial School. This partnership will play a key role in furthering the mandates of both these organizations.

Falls Brook Centre is a leading education and demonstration centre that inspires people to work together using environmentally sound practices to create thriving local communities. Located in West Glassville on 98 acres of Acadian forest and former farmland, the Centre strives to promote exemplary sustainable practices through wetland restoration, renewable energy systems, organic gardens, restoration orchards, forest trails and promotion of sustainable community development. Falls Brook Centre’s West Glassville property will be undergoing renovations to increase its capacity to host multi-day events as a premier education and demonstration destination.

The Ville Cooperative aims to repurpose the former elementary school into a vibrant space that rebuilds community and fosters meaningful collaboration. Their mission is “to empower the community to learn, share, and grow in the spirit of health, wellness, and sustainability”. Taking a holistic approach, The Ville’s goal is to create a supportive facility which promotes recreation, education, sustainability, food security, arts and culture, and green technology.

“Having the aim of hosting like-minded organizations under the same roof, we’re so excited to be partnering with the Falls Brook Centre, “ said Jeff Macfarlane, Founder of The Ville. “Coming together not just as partners, but as friends, we have the perfect opportunity to learn a lot from an organization that has been leading the way in sustainable community practices for so long. We know that not just us, but the entire community can benefit from the Falls Brook Centre’s new expansion here at The Ville.”

The Falls Brook Centre has spent over 20 years based in rural New Brunswick and has built strong relationships within the Carleton County community. Now, the Falls Brook Centre is expanding to a more urban setting. The primary goal of this initiative is to promote sustainability through innovative partnerships with organizations and businesses in the greater Fredericton area.

“Locating our business office in Fredericton where staff are a little handier to likeminded organizations, funders, and a new group of stakeholders will be greatly beneficial to strengthening current and prospective partnerships,” said Marc Gionet, Executive Director of Falls Brook Centre. “The Ville is perfectly placed as the community catalyst to help facilitate this growth in partnership and presence within Fredericton.”

Falls Brook Centre will be coordinating a comprehensive energy audit of The Ville to assess energy efficiency and conservation opportunities as well as renewable energy technology applications within the former school. The Centre will also be developing connections with other organizations at The Ville such as the Nashwaak River Watershed, with a mandate for ecosystem conservation, and Red Rock Adventure, a team focused on sustainable outdoor education and adventure.


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